Caring and Driving Tips: Preparing your car for Monsoons

Caring and Driving Tips: Preparing your car for Monsoons

Snapshot: Monsoons have already hit, and it’s high time you prepared your car for the season. Here are some critical accessories that you should always keep in your car during Monsoons.

There are times when you find yourself stuck in long traffic jams, which is a common phenomenon during monsoons, even an old magazine or a newspaper can come handy to pass that tiring hour! Here are a number of essentials that you should always keep in your car during the rainy season.

Caring and Driving Tips: Preparing your car for Monsoons

One of the most important accessories for your car during the monsoons is an umbrella. People who are soaked in the rain will leave moisture on the seats and carpets which, once they absorb water must be dried quickly lest they start to smell. An umbrella will keep occupants dry during ingress/egress. Keep a plastic bag handy to store the wet umbrella in.

Dirty windshields are common during the monsoons. Take care to remove dirt from the windshield before using the wiper lest it leaves scratches on the glass. A bottle of water and cloth comes in handy. Pour water on the windshield and wipe it clean with the cloth. Use the wipers to clear up the glass.

#3. Tow rope and shovel

A tow rope will be useful if you are stuck in the mud and need to be towed out. A shovel will be needed to loosen the muck around the tyres and gain traction to extricate yourself. Most of us don't feel like putting such accessories in the car, but these prove to be a relief especially during any hazzardous situation you may come across on that long route!  

You never know what's going to happen the very next moment. A medical kit can come handy for bruises and first aid whenever required.

Do keep it in your car especially when you are on an excursion with your family. Besides, a water bottle and some edible are a must regardless of where are you heading to. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam for hours, biscuits and power bars will quench the pangs of hunger.

A phone charger will help when you’re stuck in a traffic jam to ensure that your mobile phone will not run out of charge. Even for an emergency call, you are going to miss that last battery bar. It would be wise to keep an extra charger, which you would never need to take out of the car. Keep it there always!

Keep reading material to while away the time when stuck in a traffic jam. The newspaper can also be placed over the foot mats to soak water from wet footwear. A flashlight will help when you’re stuck somewhere in the dark and need to change a tyre etc.


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